3D Asset Creation
VARtech possesses the expertise in creating high quality, hard surface and organic 3D assets for use on any platform. We use the latest techniques and standards to achieve your desired outcome. We have experience in creating assets used in video production, simulations, mobile apps, news media, game shows and video games.

Multiple Platform Compatibility

PBR Texturing

Clean Topology & UVs


Low Poly Bakes

Click the link below to view some samples of our artwork.

Sample 3D Assets

augmented reality tablet

What is AR?
Augmented reality or AR is an interactive experience that utilizes a device’s digital camera to enhance reality by rendering virtual assets over top of reality. AR experiences are typically built for mobile phones, tablets, and AR glasses. This technology is rapidly evolving, we predict that AR glasses will surpass mobile devices in popularity in the near future.

How can AR be utilized to meet my needs?
The majority of AR applications that exist today focus around procedural training, job aids, inspections, maintenance and remote support. Any of these use cases could integrate to existing databases, ticket or work order systems, IoT sensors, inventory systems and even Learning Record Stores (xAPI). We can help you decide on if AR is the right technology for your use case.

virtual reality

What is VR?
Virtual reality or VR, is one of the most rapidly evolving technologies today along with a wide variety of use cases and implementations in the workplace. VR fully immerses users into a life-like virtual world where their physical body movements and actions are replicated in the virtual experience.

Potential VR experiences:

  • Hazardous environments and situations
  • Simulate stressful scenarios
  • Operating equipment
  • Maintaining equipment
  • Performing procedures
  • Performance evaluations

VR experiences can consists of single player, multiplayer or group based. We have the capability to set up physical spaces, track physical props and interact with physical props. For an example, we can not only track a physical fire extinguisher prop, but also know when the user pulls the pin or squeezes the handle.

Mobile Apps

Custom Mobile Apps
Mobile devices are becoming increasingly more powerful and useful as their capabilities and hardware are constantly improved on. VARtech has the capability to develop custom applications for mobile devices that are xAPI (TinCan) compliant, which will work with any Learning Record Store. Our custom applications can comprise of interactive eLearnings, augmented reality apps or virtual reality experiences. VARtech will oversee the application publishing process and can provide long-term application support if needed.

We support both Android and Apple mobile devices and hardware.

Computer Based Training

Computer-based training courses have existed for decades, and with the rapidly evolving eLearning industry, the courses can quickly become dated or obsolete. VARtech specializes in taking the existing training content and materials, and ultimately transforming them into an entirely new engaging and interactive experience. We cover all types of art styles, from cartoon-like to photo-realistic content.

Windows & Mac

SCORM & xAPI Compliant

Responsive Design

All Interactivity Levels

VARtech understands that not all training topics require high-end graphics and complex interactivity. We will work closely with key stakeholders to determine which avenue works best for each topic.


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Additional Services

Motion Capture

Virtual characters are becoming more prominent in modern training applications. Realistic character animations or movement is key to maintaining the content’s overall integrity. VARtech has the capability to create character animations using our completely portable and wireless motion capture system. We can produce animations in house with our own talent or come to you.

Interactive Training Consultant

Developing training content in-house but not quite sure where to start? What type of technology should be utilized? Which hardware would work best for your goals and requirements?

We are happy to offer our consultation services to jumpstart your development. We can assist in any part of the development process, from storyboard development to testing and delivery.

Content Optimization

We often find clients in a situation where they have an existing training application that isn’t working properly and was created by another company or perhaps a company that is no longer in business. There can be a lot of value in these applications if they are professionally reviewed. VARtech has proven experience in receiving clunky or buggy training content, and returning that same content as a fully optimized, bug-free application.

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