We have proven experience on a variety of platforms and technology

VR – Fire Safety Simulator

This application is designed for Chief Mates, which are the head of the deck department on a merchant ship and are responsible for emergency operations if they occur. VARtech was responsible for all aspects of the training content and development to include overall design, storyboard, 3D content, character
generation, audio, programming, AI, animations, and testing. In this simulation the player assumes the role of Chief Mate and must direct two teams of personnel on how to properly approach, investigate and resolve the fire. Two-way communication with the crew is handled through voice recognition via a virtual radio. The player can issue commands to other crew members and communicate the status of
the fire to the bridge by using the VR controller and interacting with the virtual radio. There are multiple classes of fires and randomized scenarios on each playthrough. 

VR – Office Fire Safety Training

The office fire safety training places the player in the role of a security officer in an office building where a small fire outbreaks in a random location. The player has to follow instructions and successfully extinguish the fire. The application features realistic graphics, speech recognition, and interactive gameplay. A video render of the experience can be seen below.


Click Here to View the Fire Safety Demo

VR – Let’s Make a Deal

We were thrilled to be invited to participate in the development of a VR experience featuring one of the games from the hit TV show Let’s Make a Deal. This Oculus experience features a 360 stereoscopic video render of a real studio audience, accurate ball physics, and a global leaderboard that updates as you play.

This development was published for the Oculus Rift and has future plans to incorporate additional games, Quest compatibility and monthly prize giveaways.

VR – Ironworking – Steel Erection

This VR application was developed for a company that participates in promoting skilled trade careers to high school students through the use of technology. The experience includes multiple skilled trades, developed by several VR companies. Our selected skilled trade was ironworking. You can view our section by clicking on the link below.


Click Here to View Ironworker Demo

Video Renders – Workplace Safety

We were tasked with creating realistic video renders to be integrated into a workplace safety training eLearning course. We were tasked with designing and creating several construction sites that highlighted various tasks. For each scenario, we had to provide two renders; one without safety equipment and/or hazards and the other with the proper safety equipment and/or without hazards. We used our motion capture system to provide the characters with motions relevant to their task.

VR Spin Bike XP

VR Spin Bike XP is a private Oculus Quest 2 experience that was developed for a cycling studio headquartered in Atlanta. The app features great music, enthusiastic virtual instructor, Bluetooth cycling sensor integration, and a live leaderboard. We used a motion capture system to obtain the instructors movements which are then applied to the virtual characters that surround you. We were able to obtain a stereoscopic camera to record the instructor, which makes the instructor appear in 3D. The Bluetooth sensor that was used for this application is a universal cadence sensor that is compatible with most spin bikes. The sensor data is used to calculate a score based on your current progress and periodically updates the global leaderboard so the player can see where they stand against everyone else at that given time.

VR – Ladder Safety Training

This experience was developed for Oculus’s first portable VR headset, the Oculus Go. We developed a micro learning course using the handheld remote. The player is first placed into a room where they are introduced to the course and are taught basic information about ladder safety. Afterwards they are transitioned to a work site where the need to properly place an extension ladder in order for the worker to access the roof. After the angle is selected and the ladder is placed, the worker begins to climb the ladder. If successful, the worker climbs onto the roof and a conclusion message is played. If the wrong angle is selected, the proper failure animation is shown and the worker is injured.

AR – Equipment Inspection App

This application was developed to provide clients with an more efficient way of performing daily inspections on heavy equipment. At the time the majority of the clients were using a printed out inspection sheet which had to be filled out and filed manually. We developed an application that allows them to perform those daily inspections virtually with ease just using their tablet or smart phone. Each tag or image target will first be configured through the app, which ties the equipment to that tag. Then the tag is placed on a visible location on the equipment. The inspector simply points their smart device’s camera to the tag and the designated inspection checklist is loaded along with the equipment’s information. The inspector performs the inspection and then submits the checklist through the app, which then uploads the information to a database. All inspections are stored and backed up daily and can be accessed at any time. There is also a built in email alert system for any failed inspections.